Ever since I was a little girl, my grandfather and father were

always very passionate about photography.

My grandfather used to take me on his bicycle into nature and took pictures of me chasing sheeps. 

My father always brought his camera to family trips and

proudly showed me his pictures, while sharing his techniques.

It was only years later when the fire they ignited took another turn. 

After my Master Marketing I became a corporate manager, trainer and coach.I liked it and learned a lot in these 5 years, but in my heart I felt it was time for a change. So I quit.


I decided to travel and discover the world for 7 months.

And that is when my love for photography gained an even deeper level. Back in Amsterdam, I bought a professional camera and knew this was what I wanted to do.

Photography to me is about capturing what is real.

 By connecting to what is pure, magic can flow. ​

Straight from my heart into your heart. 

As if you were there, in that special moment.


When I am not out there taking pictures,

you will find me practicing yoga and meditation,

riding a motorbike, 

taking kickboxing lessons,

cooking vegetarian food,

playing with children and dogs,

or exploring the world.

With Love,

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