Retreat Host &

Life Coach

Laurine is amazing to work with. She provides so much more then what I could ever wish for when I asked her to come and make pictures at my event.

It is her loving, positive and energetic vibe that makes the whole environment light up. 


You can totally rely on her and her words. She knows how to capture the vibe, the setting and feeling that is happening during the events. "


International DJ 

"This shoot and these images reflect how I see myself and how I want to express myself.

Stunning pictures."


Yoga Event Host & 

Vibrational Management

"Laurine is a rock with wings.

Just one of those people that feels solid during an event/retreat and delivers more than you asked for.


She is a joy to work with; 

fast and to the point. She knows what she is doing, has a clear vision and touches base with you at the right moments.


I love how Laurine manages to light up every room she enters and the way she makes heartfelt connection to every participant in the event.


Besides quality photography Laurine gives something priceless: an open, generous heart towards everyone and rocklike support to the organization."


Founder & Trainer 

Kaiut Yoga International 

"Absolutely amazing.

Laurine her art work is fantastic.

I would love to always have her presence in my teaching room". 

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